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Bali Swing is an outdoor activity that uses the rope to swing you with beautiful scenery of rice field terraces or even forest. It is one of the hottest instagrammable spots to take photographs. We would be glad if you could join us to enjoy the fresh air, nature, and the beautiful scenery of wonderful Bali. And it must be on your bucket list on your Bali holiday.
You can easily book your Bali Adventure Swing package at Kuber Bali Adventure the outdoor activities at affordable prices and professional guides. What you have to know, this website offers you also the best ATV

No need to worry, the lower swings are secured with ropes while the highest swing with a harness, so it is completely safe and secure. Before getting on the swing, the staff will hook you on a very safe rope.
It is advised to Wea shorts if you are going to do Bali Swing wearing flowy dress. If you forget to bring one, they even provide dresses for rent if you want. Flowy dresses can be rented on the spot with lighter colors that will make your photograph looks charming. You also can ask the staff there to take a shoot for you.
If you are photograph-obsessed or want to have an instagrammable photo, you can switch your outfits and swing over again. That is interesting, isn’t it?

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Let this moment be the beginning of your journey towards an extraordinary adventure on the island of Bali. We are ready to take you on a thrilling journey like never before. Join us and make every second count in an adventure to be remembered for a lifetime.